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 Creativity in Action

Often when I paint, I have no idea what I'm going to paint before I start. Once I have splashed a bit of colour around then I decide what I want to do with it. I love the creative process of playing with colours and exploring different mediums. I have a folder of old paintings that I enjoy pulling out to see what I transform them into. Mistakes and spillages often turn into a favourite. My greatest challenge is to know when to stop.

This video of me painting is a classic example of how I work.

I start by throwing some colours around as I struggle seeing such a bit white space

Then I might play around a little and produce something I like.

Usually, just when I really like it, I can not resist adding a little something more.

Often at this paint I add too much paint and turn it to mud or spill it where I don't want it to go

I then keep playing, ....and so the cycle continues.

I also hate waste which means if I've poured the paint, I just have to use it. Even if I don't really want that colour on my canvas.At other times I've ended up loving the resulting colour combination. 

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